Tuesday, 31 December 2013


I have kept a secret from you. One that I will divulge to your eyes and ears this very moment...
We adopted pet chickens...I KNOW RIGHT!?! 

I've actually been quite busy hence the reason I couldn't post about this exciting news any sooner. Anywho, its been a couple of days with our new family members and they are way too adorable! Their first day at home was initially scary but they soon eased into our backyard environment. They even have their own little house that we ordered and built for them! We named our little feathery friends: Polly, Opal, Sandy and Pebbles. They've grown so comfortable to being around us that we are surprised with impromptu lap sits, huddles around legs and a positive approach to hand feeding. Only downside is probably the fact that our kitty Leo thinks we've disowned him because he is too terrified to even be in the midst of our chickens. Oh wells, we'll get there eventually.
Introducing the Bashar Brood!
Leo's fraidy cat face displaying an utter shock of horror and betrayal when he first met the chickens and immediately ran away.
Opal enjoying a rake ride.
Playing in the front yard!
Trying to get Leo to mingle...failing pretty badly.
To be honest, I never realised how awesome it would be to actually own a pet chicken/s. I've always seen them as animals that don't show a great deal of intimacy and now I guess I was kind of wrong. I mean they aren't like cats or dogs but they do have their own way of showing their love for you. Hard to explain but I guess you'll have to get a chicken yourself if you're dying to find out.


I'm coming home, I'm coming home, tell the world I'm coming home.

The hour had come. I felt like a child getting upset when the inevitable 'home time' came around. Before we journeyed back, we made several stops to sightsee and regain strength for the long drive back. Some being, Tin Can bay, Rainbow Beach, Ocean Breeze Seafood and Toolara Nursery.
Drive to Rainbow Beach! This road was soooooo SCARY. I took over to drive and I couldn't stop panicking in my head. Very narrow roads, high speeds and ruthless cars driving in close proximities! Eeeek! 
Lovely scenery though!
Loose ugly comfortable clothes- my favourite.
The unveiling.
This place is famously known as 'Rainbow Beach' due to its multi coloured waves. Up front I saw shades of greens and blues. Apparently, last time we came hints of pink and orange were seen during the sunset. Light reflections?
Beach selfie and repping the scarf hat combo (yuck). I had to though- it was too hot. And who cares what the world thinks :P
Whats a trip to the beach without fish and chips?! Enjoying lunch at Ocean Breeze Seafood.
Whats a trip to the beach without ICECREAM! One of my most favourite dessert items. Never a let down. Ever.
On the way back we stopped by a place I assume is called 'Toolara Nursery', prayed Asr and made a quick get away before the storm angrily rolled in. Despite the fact that our stay was short lived, the memory remains vividly green and lush. Definitely making a day trip out here again.
AMAZING LUSHES! Actually standing next to these gigantic oxygen emitters was flabbergasting!
The split between stormy grey clouds and sunshine.
Spectacular view.
We made a quick escape and travelled the rest of the way in one piece Alhamdulillah. 
Back home Alhamdulillah, safe and rekindling memories with a chai latte, a chocolate cookie and physical memorabilias.
After safely arriving home, we heard that people had been killed and injured from the storm in Fraser Island, Hervey Bay and Rainbow Beach. Once again, our blessing have been abundant. Being away from home always exposes us to greater dangers and yet we went safely and returned safely. Its amazing how the storm only just started while we were a good number of kilometers away from the danger zones. 

Monday, 30 December 2013


Okay perhaps I'm being slightly over dramatic, but seriously no lie, we were stuck on Fraser Island for a good 5 and a half hours. It ultimately sucked at one point. Thankfully, it was only a short while that dampened our spirits. I guess I learnt that everything always happens for a reason.

Why don't I start from the very beginning?

I woke at 5.00am only to be rushed to get out of the 'house' asap. I knew we had plenty of time. That and how my father liked to plan ahead of schedule. I quickly whipped up grilled cheese with the homemade bread we cooked last night, chucked them onto a plate and hurried to set off to board the River Heads Ferry. Before I continue, I just want to specially thank Google Maps for being an absolute life saver. Without you our lives would be nonsensical and obsolete. Continuing on. We reached the ferry zone with the aid of Google Maps at record time and got to enjoy our grilled cheese with an endearing view. We rolled onto the jetty and sailed off to the Island of Fraser.
Travel Outfit!! Although I did alter it slightly to induce more comfort.

Shirt: Temt
Pants: Valley Girl
Watch: Forever New
Lipstick: Dark Angel, Sportsgirl
Rings: Lovisa
Eyeshadow Pallet: Prestige
Scarf: Target
Shoes: Overseas
Google Maps, my love.
Enjoying Grilled Cheese with a breathtaking view.
Reducing the tire pressure so we can drive off road!
Had a bit of a giggle at the bumper sticker of the car in front of us!
Jurassic Park. Those are the words that popped into my head as soon as I saw the vast lush greenery, looming rocky cliffs, clear shorelines and urban landscape. It was all too good to be true. Fraser Island is famously known for its off road sand tracks, its lakes and its beach driving attractions. Those were our top go-to priorities. Now, up until today, we had never not ever done or experienced off road driving. Let's just say, it started off with my mother pleading to go back and my little brother to emit the girliest of squeals. Soon after, the panic died down and we were all enjoying the bumpy, slippery sand, unexpected ditches, isolated atmosphere, and the boundless stretch of road that led us to the unknown. 
Way too much speed for such bumpy unpredictable terrain!
Scenic Forests.
Our first stop was the miraculous McKenzie Lake. It's said to be a naturally closed off lake filled with only rainwater. Off road driving surprisingly makes you feel very lethargic. It feels like you've ran up a huge hill and lost an infinity amount of calories. Anyway, back on topic. I'm pretty sure I looked like I was hit by a massive freight truck because I was gobsmacked by the beauty of the lake. It felt like I had just discovered a secret world hidden from all impurities. The water was crystal clear. As corny and cliché as it sounds, I swear it was. It was the type of place I imagined Paradise would resemble. No better. Wish I could've built a house alongside the lake and lived there for the entirety of my life. MashaAllah. SubhanaAllah. Alhamdulillah. 
Morning Dips.
Next we drove down to the Eurong Beach to experience off road driving on the Eastern beaches of Fraser Island! Despite the scorching heat, it was a memorable experience! I do encourage all to try it out at least once in their life. Such an adventure!
We noticed a group of cars huddling around up ahead and slowed down to see what it was... a Dingo!! It was just trotting alongside all the looming 4 wheelers! Gutsy!!
So much fun. Actually driving the car on this terrain feels so exhilarating! 
We stopped one time and saw that the sand was littered with half buried rotting carcasses of birds. So upsetting :( I don't know what the cause was I did notice plastics lying around. It was a total bird graveyard. Perhaps they were washed up on to the shoreline during high tides? I don't know but it was quite a moving image.
This place was presumably unnamed but the special thing about this place was that the two colours you can see in the image above are actually two different types of sand!!
We traveled further down the coastline and stopped at our most anticipated attraction- the Maheno Ship Wreck. I've never seen a ship wreck before, so this was a unique exposure for me. I never imagined myself actually ever getting to see one! Guess I was wrong haha. It felt like I was on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean or something. I went into the water to take photos and it was absolutely clear with minute iron flakes glistening in the sunlight. Took me a while to realise it was the corroding iron from the ship wreck because it looked so beautiful!
Spot the plane!!!
There were runway strips on the beach for planes! How cool is that!!
Once our satisfaction was filled to the brim, we ventured back to King Fisher Bay to pray and gobble down a big lunch of roast chicken and buttered herb olive bread. After downing a healthy feeding we ventured down to the beach nearby. By this time I was extremely exhausted and lay down on a towel for a nice nap by the sea (I was also too annoyed to do anything because I had just found out our ferry came at 8.30pm :(). Soon after, I woke up to the sound of girl shrieks and squeals. It was a sand fight. My brothers were having a sand fight. This, I had to get in on. Except there was one problem- I wasn't wearing any clothes I particularly wanted to ruin and I couldn't be bothered to change into my swim clothes. Instead, I occupied myself by making sand balls for one of my brothers to throw at the other brother. I made sure to be discrete but I was soon caught and paid for my actions. I went back to lay down and realised one of my brothers started running towards me and buffalo speed. He momentarily stopped and realised I had good clothes on and then dumped a whole heap of wet sand into my SHOES!! That was it. I got up and chased him through the water, drenching my pants and ringing with laughter. It was all good at the end though because we got to cover him up with sand and make him resemble a pregnant walrus.
This is an illustration of me from the very imaginative perspective of my youngest brother. As you can see- his love for me goes to great lengths...
Asr (evening prayer) time was nearing so we headed over to the showers, changed and prayed asr on the beach.
This beast of a vehicle was parked behind us!!
Our ferry's time was nearing, Maghrib (sunset prayer) time had past, and my phone's battery was dying. We headed over to the jetty and consumed snacks and coffee in the dimly lit sky and cool breezy winds. There is a certain something about moments in life like these, where you share such a calm, collected epiphany with your loved ones. Most particularly in a natural environment. Its an exhilarating feel. Just before we left we heard a sharp crack and a circulating whoop whoop noise. We closed in on where the sound was coming from and noticed trees bending to reveal a helicopter!! Okay, so this Island had off road tracks, planes and a HELICOPTER!?! This day just kept on getting better! More so, this island was EXACTLY like Jurassic Park (minus the dinosaurs of course)! We stood there in awe about 100 meters from the power driven flying monster and watched it build up momentum to fly of into the night.

We boarded the ferry, climbed the stairs to the very top and sailed off towards home whilst my father sang to my mother under a blanket of stars.

I honestly feel SO blessed to be able to participate in this adventurous journey, be able to witness the beauties of the Created. Just briefly pondering about the intricacy and inexplicable allure of nature makes my mind burst into amazement. This truly was the work of something far greater than the Universe. MashaAllah.