Friday, 14 February 2014


What is Valentine's Day in actual fact? Does it really involve a cupid sling-shooting arrows into lovers? What happens to the rest of the single ladies (and men :P)? Well a quick Wikipedia search cleared most of it up.
This day, February 14th of each year, is a sacramental celebration rejoicing the Christian Saint Valentinus. Apparently, good man Valentinus wedded soldiers that were forbidden to marry and ministered Christians that were persecuted under the Roman Empire. For this 'sinful act' Valentinus was thrown into prison only to be executed later. A departing letter was written for his jailer's daughter, whom he had healed during his sentence and famously ended by "from your Valentine". Since the 18th Century, Englishmen and women have rejoiced this celebration to be of a romantical one and has prospered to the present day.

I could go into further detail but It'd probably be a bore so I end on my own definition. One that I have made up after the past 20 years of observing this ritual.

Val·en·tine's Day or Val·en·tines Day (vln-tnz)

A day in which:

1. First world poverty levels increase. 
2. Former stalkers are categorized as your 'valentine'.

3. Emotional blackmail takes the best of you. 
4. Flower, chocolate and plush toy industries boom with profits.

Cynical as it is, enjoy this deluded holiday for 'lovers',
Afra x

Later that day, month, year/s:

Tuesday, 31 December 2013


I have kept a secret from you. One that I will divulge to your eyes and ears this very moment...
We adopted pet chickens...I KNOW RIGHT!?! 

I've actually been quite busy hence the reason I couldn't post about this exciting news any sooner. Anywho, its been a couple of days with our new family members and they are way too adorable! Their first day at home was initially scary but they soon eased into our backyard environment. They even have their own little house that we ordered and built for them! We named our little feathery friends: Polly, Opal, Sandy and Pebbles. They've grown so comfortable to being around us that we are surprised with impromptu lap sits, huddles around legs and a positive approach to hand feeding. Only downside is probably the fact that our kitty Leo thinks we've disowned him because he is too terrified to even be in the midst of our chickens. Oh wells, we'll get there eventually.
Introducing the Bashar Brood!
Leo's fraidy cat face displaying an utter shock of horror and betrayal when he first met the chickens and immediately ran away.
Opal enjoying a rake ride.
Playing in the front yard!
Trying to get Leo to mingle...failing pretty badly.
To be honest, I never realised how awesome it would be to actually own a pet chicken/s. I've always seen them as animals that don't show a great deal of intimacy and now I guess I was kind of wrong. I mean they aren't like cats or dogs but they do have their own way of showing their love for you. Hard to explain but I guess you'll have to get a chicken yourself if you're dying to find out.


I'm coming home, I'm coming home, tell the world I'm coming home.

The hour had come. I felt like a child getting upset when the inevitable 'home time' came around. Before we journeyed back, we made several stops to sightsee and regain strength for the long drive back. Some being, Tin Can bay, Rainbow Beach, Ocean Breeze Seafood and Toolara Nursery.
Drive to Rainbow Beach! This road was soooooo SCARY. I took over to drive and I couldn't stop panicking in my head. Very narrow roads, high speeds and ruthless cars driving in close proximities! Eeeek! 
Lovely scenery though!
Loose ugly comfortable clothes- my favourite.
The unveiling.
This place is famously known as 'Rainbow Beach' due to its multi coloured waves. Up front I saw shades of greens and blues. Apparently, last time we came hints of pink and orange were seen during the sunset. Light reflections?
Beach selfie and repping the scarf hat combo (yuck). I had to though- it was too hot. And who cares what the world thinks :P
Whats a trip to the beach without fish and chips?! Enjoying lunch at Ocean Breeze Seafood.
Whats a trip to the beach without ICECREAM! One of my most favourite dessert items. Never a let down. Ever.
On the way back we stopped by a place I assume is called 'Toolara Nursery', prayed Asr and made a quick get away before the storm angrily rolled in. Despite the fact that our stay was short lived, the memory remains vividly green and lush. Definitely making a day trip out here again.
AMAZING LUSHES! Actually standing next to these gigantic oxygen emitters was flabbergasting!
The split between stormy grey clouds and sunshine.
Spectacular view.
We made a quick escape and travelled the rest of the way in one piece Alhamdulillah. 
Back home Alhamdulillah, safe and rekindling memories with a chai latte, a chocolate cookie and physical memorabilias.
After safely arriving home, we heard that people had been killed and injured from the storm in Fraser Island, Hervey Bay and Rainbow Beach. Once again, our blessing have been abundant. Being away from home always exposes us to greater dangers and yet we went safely and returned safely. Its amazing how the storm only just started while we were a good number of kilometers away from the danger zones.