Friday, 20 December 2013


A  P E R S O N A L  O B S E R V A T I O N :

I sometimes find myself having pointless quarrels with my parents. My mindset is always that I am right and the rest of the world is wrong. I forget all that I should believe, all that I should have faith in. What I do not realise, is how much I lose when I react in such a manner. My whole behaviour changes, my arguments are exaggerated and my interior turns selfish. In that moment in time, we quarrel, we separate and we make up in a few hours and laugh over the matter. However, each event of it occurring only moves me further and further away from them. I do not for a second step into their shoes; it is only after that I realise what I have lost. My problem, or our problem (to those who can relate) is anger. Anger is such a bitter, vile emotion that releases the inner devil inside us. It churns our hatred and exploits our weaknesses. Solution? Patience and Time. Both of which will aid in a better communication and understanding between you and your parents. Even though we know we are right, we have no right at all, ever, to lash out at our parents. The stress/worries/concerns that they deal with is far greater than our petty exams, unattended social events and materialistic dilemmas. It's time to step into their shoes. Time to grow up.

Tl;Dr? Watch (you won't regret):

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