Wednesday, 18 December 2013


Mothers. Give her fruit she said. It takes her forever to eat fruit she said. It will be fun she said...hahaI wake up every morning to find that my lunch is packed and ready to go. My father wakes up every morning prays his morning prayer at sunrise (fajr), gets ready for work and packs lunch for my brothers and I. Before my brothers and I leave, my mother does a once over scan of what my father has packed and fixes up anomalies. Today's anomaly were my fruits not being grouped together (LOL). Mummy, "@/#^, You're father doesn't even know how to pack lunch properly *arranges fruit*". I didn't know whether to laugh my head off or cry tears of joy that I have such loving parents.

I have taken my life givers, my sustainers, my watchful companions, my best friends, my caregivers, my comedians, my 'rock's'etc (the list is too long) for granted and its moments like these that remind me to have patience, be tolerant and understand their perceptions as they age. Thank God (Alhamdulillah) for my parents and their everlasting kindness and love. They do not get and ounce of what they give in return.

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