Tuesday, 17 December 2013


I've been waking up almost every morning to go pick these heavenly aromatic Jasmine flowers. I then arrange them in an open platter and decorate the dining table with them to spread the aroma. Alhamdulillah for our sense of smell, touch and sight. I truly feel blessed to start my day with such beauty. 

Manicured nails with a backdrop of freshly picked Jasmine flowers.
Shade 26 from by BC Co.
Shredded Carbon Frost 60 Nail Lacquer by Maybelline.
Non Chip by Ulta3.

To get this look:
1. Initially paint nails with a light opaque colour. Here, I used Shade 26 from the BC Co. range. Not that well known of a brand but most definitely value for money (dries nicely, doesn't peel and is $2! What more could you ask for?!). Dry. 
2. Get sticky tape and create a triangle stencil with two strips and place on your nail.
3. Paint the inside of the stencil with a'crackle' nail paint. Here, I used the Shredded Carbon Frost 60 Nail Lacquer by Maybelline. Dry.
4. Once all is dry, finish off with a coat or two of a any clear nail enamel to harden and protect the nail design. Here, I used Non Chip by Ulta3 (another cheapie!).

Afra x

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