Wednesday, 25 December 2013


Blue Skies. Blue Seas. Blue Jellyfish.

Did you know the colour blue has a profound effect on the average human?
Intelligence, Communication, Trust, Efficiency, Serenity, Duty, Logic, Coolness, Reflection, Calm.
If you're into the colour blue, then your body and mind are all of the above.
If you want to sound/be more intelligent then go follow PositiveMed for more cool facts. I for one am addicted to that site. Moving along.

So today is day 1 of 4 of my Hervey Bay travels. And let me say, it has been a spectacular beginning. I think I feel like I've been somewhat extracted from reality and thrown into a realm of paradise. It's quite invigorating really. I so so wish I could laze by sea forever long and dream of cats and ruggedly handsome celebrities.

Today's number one travel agenda. 
Being Fabulous.
We walked right to the very end!
Soooo Many!
Scarf: Do not remember
Top: Overseas
Shoes: Overseas
Pants: Jay Jays
Bag: Espirit
Mumma Basher's Salmon Fish Pasta for Lunch.
Next Stop: Down the road to nearby park/beach on Charlton Escapade. These trees were so magnificent up close! Like most, these images dont do its reality any justice!  
Random Octopus Stump entertaining passerby's.
Rock Pools!! Most were covered in moss and barnacles and made it so slippery and spikey to walk on. I made the stupid decision of taking off my shoes trekking to the very end- procuring numerous cuts to the soles of my feet.
My most trusted pair on this trip. From an overseas brand Pata Pata (lol). But seriously plastic with style is a major win. 
Next Stop: Eli Creek. A lake with roaming kangaroos in a suburban area!
Spot the kangaroo/s!
We ended the day by pool frolicking, baking bread/grilling caught fish/baking cake/Roasting chicken and turkey and watching a movie before going into a probable deep slumber. Tomorrow our travels take us to an early start to the Island of Fraser (aka Fraser Island). Off to bed! Salaams x.

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