Sunday, 1 December 2013


E I D  M U B A R A K ! 
A Flashback Post.

For my Muslim brothers and sisters in Islam. A month of fasting has once again purified our souls and left us renew. The moon is sighted, henna is adorned and celebrations have begun! During this time of the year I feel this empty pit of sadness in seeing our holy month depart yet overjoyed and ecstatic about being able to eat during the day. It most definitely is a moving sacred ritual that uplifts our spirits, cleanses our souls and brings us closer to our Creator. So SubhanAllah that we have been given the privilege of fulfilling yet another year of blessings.

Left Overs.

We all know what happens on Eid day- we EAT. And by eat, I mean eat at almost every aunty's and uncle's house you know. Its a constant play of musical chairs with the chairs being substituted for houses. Whatever you've gained/lost during Ramadan, it doesn't matter because the scales just keep getting heavier and heavier. Now because there's a fair few houses to cover, my particular community splits their invites across several days. So, basically our Eid's end up lasting a week or two which then require an outfit per day. Tough Stuff.

Henna! My right hand design was far too hideous for a blog post.
Lavender Hues.

Necklace: Sportsgirl.
Outfit: Traditional garment from overseas.
Bangles: Diva
Hand Harness: Equip
Shoes: London Rebel
Clutch: Myer
Rock and Roll.

Necklace: Lovisa.
Clutch: Myer.
Shoes: Overseas.
Shirt: Overseas.
Prints in Leopard.

Feather Collar: Handmade
Dress: Cotton On
Clutch: Strandbags
Shoes: Overseas

Afra x


  1. I like how your brother is in the background

    1. His flamboyance was too much I had to crop him..