Tuesday, 31 December 2013


I'm coming home, I'm coming home, tell the world I'm coming home.

The hour had come. I felt like a child getting upset when the inevitable 'home time' came around. Before we journeyed back, we made several stops to sightsee and regain strength for the long drive back. Some being, Tin Can bay, Rainbow Beach, Ocean Breeze Seafood and Toolara Nursery.
Drive to Rainbow Beach! This road was soooooo SCARY. I took over to drive and I couldn't stop panicking in my head. Very narrow roads, high speeds and ruthless cars driving in close proximities! Eeeek! 
Lovely scenery though!
Loose ugly comfortable clothes- my favourite.
The unveiling.
This place is famously known as 'Rainbow Beach' due to its multi coloured waves. Up front I saw shades of greens and blues. Apparently, last time we came hints of pink and orange were seen during the sunset. Light reflections?
Beach selfie and repping the scarf hat combo (yuck). I had to though- it was too hot. And who cares what the world thinks :P
Whats a trip to the beach without fish and chips?! Enjoying lunch at Ocean Breeze Seafood.
Whats a trip to the beach without ICECREAM! One of my most favourite dessert items. Never a let down. Ever.
On the way back we stopped by a place I assume is called 'Toolara Nursery', prayed Asr and made a quick get away before the storm angrily rolled in. Despite the fact that our stay was short lived, the memory remains vividly green and lush. Definitely making a day trip out here again.
AMAZING LUSHES! Actually standing next to these gigantic oxygen emitters was flabbergasting!
The split between stormy grey clouds and sunshine.
Spectacular view.
We made a quick escape and travelled the rest of the way in one piece Alhamdulillah. 
Back home Alhamdulillah, safe and rekindling memories with a chai latte, a chocolate cookie and physical memorabilias.
After safely arriving home, we heard that people had been killed and injured from the storm in Fraser Island, Hervey Bay and Rainbow Beach. Once again, our blessing have been abundant. Being away from home always exposes us to greater dangers and yet we went safely and returned safely. Its amazing how the storm only just started while we were a good number of kilometers away from the danger zones. 

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