Tuesday, 31 December 2013


I have kept a secret from you. One that I will divulge to your eyes and ears this very moment...
We adopted pet chickens...I KNOW RIGHT!?! 

I've actually been quite busy hence the reason I couldn't post about this exciting news any sooner. Anywho, its been a couple of days with our new family members and they are way too adorable! Their first day at home was initially scary but they soon eased into our backyard environment. They even have their own little house that we ordered and built for them! We named our little feathery friends: Polly, Opal, Sandy and Pebbles. They've grown so comfortable to being around us that we are surprised with impromptu lap sits, huddles around legs and a positive approach to hand feeding. Only downside is probably the fact that our kitty Leo thinks we've disowned him because he is too terrified to even be in the midst of our chickens. Oh wells, we'll get there eventually.
Introducing the Bashar Brood!
Leo's fraidy cat face displaying an utter shock of horror and betrayal when he first met the chickens and immediately ran away.
Opal enjoying a rake ride.
Playing in the front yard!
Trying to get Leo to mingle...failing pretty badly.
To be honest, I never realised how awesome it would be to actually own a pet chicken/s. I've always seen them as animals that don't show a great deal of intimacy and now I guess I was kind of wrong. I mean they aren't like cats or dogs but they do have their own way of showing their love for you. Hard to explain but I guess you'll have to get a chicken yourself if you're dying to find out.

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