Sunday, 22 December 2013


Burgundy. This seductive colour has plagued cities with its animosity. It propels a dark, alluring, rich and mystical allure upon application. I recently grew heavily fond of this colour and soon found out that there were quite a few had been drugged by its spell. Soon, all were bedazzled and it became yet another vogue. 

This is more of a throwback post. I've been missing company of friends and this burgundy goodness, so why not write a post about it! I attended a dinner at Agora Turkish Restaurant in September and fell in love with their cuisine and environment. More so, I fell in love with my outfit!! 

I decided to experiment that day and used two types of red to produce the burgundy appeal. I lined my lips with a deep red, smudged it towards the center of my lips and filled the center in with a brighter red. This created the 'full lips' illusion. Alternatively, you can just opt for the Dark Angel, Sportsgirl lipstick shown below. This whole look was done with a brush (my first time!) and it created a much more finer finish. You don't even need expensive cosmetics and I used a paintbrush for the application (lol)! I blinged out my outfit with a gorgeous neck harness from ebay and a Bengal necklace. I bought the harness for $30 and now its down to $16.90+Free Postage- Bargain!
Heavenly Cherries!
Lamb Cutlets!
Alternative Lipstick: Dark Angel, Sportsgirl
Shirt: Jay Jays
Necklaces: Neck Harness, ebay & Bengal necklace from overseas
Ring: Diva
Scarf: Cotton On
Pants: Jay Jays
Shoes: Payless Shoes
Perfume: Love That Red, Revlon

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