Wednesday, 25 December 2013


Road Trip. Driving. Four Hours. Exhausted & Weary.

We cruise along Charlton Esplanade lined by sand and sea. Our temporary holiday home greets us as we roll into the driveway and step out only to be swept away by winds, whispering trees, start littered skies and the sound of calming waves. This was Hervey Bay.

I very vaguely remember the tiresome travels, blue seas and summer skies from when I last visited at the age of 9, 10, 12? I don't even remember! Nevertheless, I do remember it being a memorable experience. I hope to relive that this time too and actually document it this time so my forgetfulness doesn't get the best of me!
The first photo is what I had initially planned on wearing. Thought black harem pants and a long sleeved billowing top would save me from this treacherous heat- I was very wrong. Luckily, I got to indulge on these juicy grapes along the way.
Some scenic images over the duration of our travel:

Honestly, driving on a highway with such a lovely view literally blows your mind away with awe. I suggest you ALL to do this sometime. I think it may have something to do with the greenery expanding across a neverending road that makes it all kind of fairytale-like.
A waffle cone shout from my brother at a Macca's pitstop before reaching our holiday destination!
We arrived at our new home at about 7.00pm, unpacked, ate and made an impromptu 10.00pm visit to the beach across the road. Let me tell you one thing, running on a beach late night and ever so often dodging stranded jellyfish in the sand is phenomenally exhilarating. We chased each other in the dark, ran out of breath from laughing and drew silly caricatures in the sand. 

I was much too tired last night to post which is why I am painstakingly running behind a day late. However, never fear, there are plenty more posts to appear! (lame I know, just take it in for now, yeah?).

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