Wednesday, 4 December 2013


T H E  G I R L  T H A T  C O U L D N ' T  S I N G

Let me enlighten you all on a true tragic short story...

Once upon a time the Bashar dynasty decide to make a pilgrimage to a place known as the Central Brisbane District to satisfy their midday meal. It only took a around three-quarters of an hour to get there by a means of vehicle which was not too bad as their appetite could wait. The younger royals consisted of two brothers, Jami and Ziad, whom consistently found joy in oppressing the eldest royal daughter, Afra. As usual one of the younger royals decidedly disrupted a perfectly admirable outing for Afra by exploiting her to the following torturous event:

Afra: *singing (with actions) along to Battlefield By Lupe Fiasco and Guy Sebastian in 'Amart All Sports'*

Jami: "Now I know what it feels like to be deaf"

This singular catastrophic event has led Afra to doubt her talent and diminish any possible future for it.

The End.

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