Sunday, 15 December 2013


U N I V E R S I T Y  M I S F O R T U N E S

Level 4, V Block, Library, GP. I climb up the stairs to find that all the study booths are filled with squabbling groups of procrastinating students squandering away their sorrows. However, upon further inspection, I find a free side of a booth at far end of the room vacant. I find that slightly odd, as at this hour, finding a free booth is far from facile. The other side is occupied by a girl...or so I thought... I careen over to ask the girl whether I can invade the seat opposite her. Whilst doing so, I make out a hunched male sardined to the wall; masked from public scrutiny. Surprised, I dropped into the seat opposite, making no direct contact with the scene the lay before me. Despite the newfound audience, the 'lovers' don't hinder from their prioritized 'activities'. I, succumb myself in my assignment and try to avoid the rehearsed performance in front of me. Thankfully and abruptly the girl exclaims, "Oh no, I've got a tute now, I totally forgot". I sigh a breathe of relief and surface back to reality. They gather their belongings and banish themselves from the freshly tainted booth. N.B. There is a time and place for everything. Please use the variables 'time' and 'place' wisely. Also, those that patiently endure exotic scenarios of such, have a gold star.

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