Thursday, 12 December 2013


Just invented pure brilliance. I was in the mood for something traditional, something that reminded me of my own roots. Sadly, I had none of the essential ingredients I needed to fulfil my cravings- so of course I improvised! Turned out to be to my satisfaction!

- 1/2 a red onion
- Handful of Almonds and Peanuts (roughly chopped)
- Tablespoon of Mustard Oil (perhaps more lol)
- Assorted Salad Mix
- 1 Uncooked Mi Goreng Noodles with all the dressing incl. (soy sauce, cooked onion, flavouring, chilli)
- 4 cups Rice Puffs (aka Muri LOL)
- 2 large Chili's (chopped)
- 1.5 tsp of Salt
- Cheese


Mix it all together but add in the rice puffs and noodles last otherwise they'll get soft and lose the essential crunch factor. I kinda guesstimated the quantity measures so the above measurements may be anomalous. Also, I was really craving Jhal Muri (a Bengali spicy snack) but we didn't have any Chanachur (a Bengali ingredient used in Jhal Muri) at home so I decided to add the dried noodles and its tastes VERY similar.

Optional: Mushroom, Tomatoes (recommended), Natural Yogurt on the side, Chicken Strips.

Serves: 3

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